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Disrupting Gender Stereotypes_critical literacy 64

In this show:
Marissa Campos shares thoughts on the gender stereotypes. Thank you Marissa for providing tonight’s audio.
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Body Image and the Media _ CLIP 17

In This Show:
A listener inspired episode.
Re-thinking Paris Hilton and Barbie
Children’s books with strong female characters
Deirdre Flint’s Boob Fairy
Podcasts Mentioned:
Just One More Book, Mostly News, Desperate Husbands
Books Mentioned:
The Bobbin Girl by Emily Arnold McCully
Mirette and Bellini Cross Niagara Falls by Emily Arnold McCully
America Is her Name by Luis J. Rodriguez
Getting in the Game by Dawn Fitzgerald
From [...]

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Re-thinking “The Way Things Are” _ CLIP 7

Re-thinking “The Way Things Are”
In this show: Critical Insights on “You, Me, and Dupree”, Cheerleader by Deirdre Flint
Music: Cheerleader by Deirdre Flint from the Podsafe Music Network
Special Thanks to : Sarah Vander Zanden, Bloomington, IN, for the Station ID
Podcasts Mentioned: Podcasts for Educators ,Catfish Show, Just One More Book, , Andycast
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