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Elbert’s Bad Word & Social Construction _ CLIP 12

A Crossover Show with the Just One More Book Podcast on “Elbert’s Bad Word and the Social Construction of Text”

On this show
Elbert’s Bad Word as a focus for CLIP and Just One More Book (JOMB), JOMB promo.
Click here to pop over to Andrea and Mark’s Just One More Book discussion regarding Elbert’s Bad Word, and [...]

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Unpacking Stereotypes _ CLIP 6

Unpacking Stereotypes Continued…
In this show: Clip is on the Educational podcasting for teaching and learning Directory of the UK , Problematizing the Wild Indian Stereotype, Jesse James : Diga and the Earth is Crying
Music: Earth is Crying by Jesse James and Diga
Special Thanks to : Kelly Winney, from Windsor, ON, for the Station [...]

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Multi-media Text Set _ CLIP 3

A Multimedia Text Set
Recorded and produced on the road in Mississauga, ON, Canada.
Reminder: CLIP is now at
In this show: A critical literacy blog from the UK, “A is for Aunty”

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