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Disrupting Gender Stereotypes_critical literacy 64

In this show:
Marissa Campos shares thoughts on the gender stereotypes. Thank you Marissa for providing tonight’s audio.
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Negotiating Social Action Projects_CLIP21

On Today’s Show:
Tonight’s show is part two of a three part series, which was recorded on the beautiful island of Hawaii, at the International Reading Association’s Regional Conference which was held there two weeks ago.
Negotiating Spaces for Critical Literacy
Social Action in a JK Classroom
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NOTE: Some of the audio had to be re-recorded on [...]

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Unpacking Stereotypes _ CLIP 6

Unpacking Stereotypes Continued…
In this show: Clip is on the Educational podcasting for teaching and learning Directory of the UK , Problematizing the Wild Indian Stereotype, Jesse James : Diga and the Earth is Crying
Music: Earth is Crying by Jesse James and Diga
Special Thanks to : Kelly Winney, from Windsor, ON, for the Station [...]

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