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From Kid-watching to Podcasting _ CLIP20

In this week’s show:
This week’s show is dedicated to my Hawaiian colleagues:
Mahalo to my Hawaiian colleagues and friends especially Liana Honda, JoAnn Wong-Kam, Anna Sumida, Alice Kimura, Joyce Ahuna-Ka’ai’ai, Meleanna Meyer, Kathy Wurdem, Avis Masuda, and Malia Chong. This show is dedicated to you! I left Hawaii in awe of your passion, and commitment [...]

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Toronto Reading Council and OISE

I’d like to extend a special hello and welcome to my new-found friends from the Toronto Reading Council and OISE with whom I spent a day this past weekend conferencing, sharing ideas and resources.
Following are links to resources, books and researchers I mentioned in my talk. Also, don’t forget to check out [...]

Three to Five-Year-Olds Take Social Action _ CLIP 1

Welcome to CLIP!
In this show; introducing the podcast and 3-5 year olds take social action.
Music : Little by Little by Justin Gordon and Quit My Day Job by Geoff Smith
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Let me know where you are by clicking on ‘Join the CLIP Frappr [...]

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