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Disney Babies

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Imagining Literacy Instruction for the 21st Century

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Dear Sonia (Nieto)_critical literacy 068

In this show Katie Keier reflects on the impact of Dr. Sonia Nieto on her work and her life.
Thank you to Katie for contributing to CLIP!

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The Power of Blogging_critical literacy podcast

Mitch Joel posted the following on his blog Six Pixels of Separation. Very interesting to consider implications for literacy education and getting the word out to the world about the work we do.
October 28, 2008 6:57 PM
Posted by Mitch Joel
BtoB Online has a news item today titled, BuzzLogic/JupiterResearch study finds blogs influence purchase behavior, [...]

JOMB talks about Critical Literacy In Practice

Thank you so much to my friends Andrea and Mark hosts of the talking about CLIP during their interview on
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