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To Disney or Not_CLIP61

( Consumerism and Disney and Podcast )

In this Show: To Disney of Not!
EPCOT USA by Deirdre Flint

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Acts of Courage and Acts of Kindness _ CLIP 16

On Today’s Show:
A multi-media text set of children’s books and audio that focus on acts of courage and acts of kindness.

Save Our School by the Children of Selsted Primary
Si Se Puede, Yes We Can
The Streets are Free
Selavi and Radyo Timoun.
Kids Can Make A Difference® (KIDS)
Sage Tyrtle on Deamonte Love and schools in Louisiana [...]

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Handy Manny:Latino Role Model or Stereotype _ CLIP 9

Handy Manny: Latino Role Model or Stereotype?
In this show: Happy Birthday to Andrea and Lucy, Tools for thinking about Disney’s “Handy Manny”
Special Thanks to : Kevan Miller for the station ID.
Music: Happy Birthday by Craymo
Podcasts Mentioned: Just One More Book
Websites Mentioned: Latin_Know, Vivir Latino
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A Cultural Experience (or not) _ CLIP 2

Welcome Back!
Did you notice the new url? CLIP is now at
In this show; a cultural (or not) experience with Deirdre Flint and EPCOT USA, Canadian Beaver Tails, and Dear LibrarianDear Librarian.
Music: EPCOT USA by Deirdre Flint and Oh Canada by Danny Fong
Podcasts Mentioned: The Catfish Show, Zee and Zed, Quirky Nomads.
Special thank [...]

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