100% Kids_Show #5

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9 Responses to “100% Kids_Show #5”

  1. Vivian Vasquez Says:

    Hello Everyone,
    You certainly have taken on some very important issues in each of your podcasts! It’s wonderful to hear your passion and commitment to these issues in each of your voices.

    I’m so proud of the work you have done! Through your shows you are creating spaces for your listeners to think about ways they can contribute to changing problems in the world.

    Can’t wait for #6!


  2. Carol Felderman Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Again, you blow me away with all your work and research in the show. This week’s show I think is one of the best yet. I can’t wait to hear what you think of your work in class meeting this morning.

    Can you believe you already produced 5 shows and now we are on to show #6? Absolutely amazing and absolutely wonderful. I am so proud of you.

    Mrs. Felderman :)

    PS Jim and I had fun listening to the show this morning while we ate breakfast. Your jokes were so funny that we almost fell out of our chairs!!

  3. Marianna Conroy Says:

    Another great show guys! Wow, you all are amazing me with your deep thoughts on such important issues like global warming. Al Gore would be proud!! Loved the Jokey Joke Jokes and the song too! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Mrs. Conroy

  4. Sarah Vander Zanden Says:

    Hi 100% Kids,
    Happy Spring! I just listened to show number 5. Thank you for talking about big topics. I think it is useful to show a resource for people to find out more on Global Warming. How did you use that website? Are there other good sites? Now I am thinking about turning on my car even less and destorying the ozone…I only drive once in a while because I can walk to work, but now I want to do it less. The way you shared that information was so convincing.
    I am confused by the question about wasting oxygen, can you say more about it? You could send me an email or audio clip if you get a chance, I am sure that your next show is already organized and I can’t wait to hear it. I hope you keep composing songs and jokes, too.

    Last thing, adopting an elephant is so intriguing…how do we do it?

    “Talk” to you soon,

  5. 100 % kids Says:

    Thank you Mrs. Conroy. Sarah we can’t wait to talk to you.
    100% Kids

  6. Charles Cadenhead Says:

    Hi Guys!
    I just listened to a couple of your podcasts and I loved them. They were great! I wish my college students would produce such humorous and professional podcasts. I heard about your show from Vivian, I’m a friend of hers. I teach college students in Dallas, Texas. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to hear your next episode.


  7. 100 % kids Says:

    Dear Charles,
    You are our first listener from Texas. Vivian said you are a podcaster just like us! Thank you for liking our show!
    100% Kids

  8. Rosary Lalik Says:

    Dear 100% Kids,
    I am listening to your podcast about protecting the environment. I like the way you gave examples of the things we do that pollute the air. You reminded me of actions that I want to avoid. You explained so many things well, especially the problems for falcons and African animals.

    I like the way you are using the internet to change the world for the better. The whole human race can certainly use your help and the help of many other children and adults. We have a lot of big problems to solve, and we don’t have too much time to solve them, give how bad things are for our environment.

    I like the way that you included jokes and songs into the podcast. You made me laugh a little so my head didn’t hurt too much from worrying about our problems.

    On behalf of the human race, I want to thank you all so much for doing this important work. I look forward to continuing podcasts.
    Your friend,
    Dr. Rosary Lalik
    One of Mrs. Felderman’s teachers

  9. 100% Kids Says:

    Dear Dr. Rosary Lalik,

    Thank you for supporting us and our work. Thank you for your thank you. We are proud of ourselves and our work to help the 2nd grade go to the Baltimore Aquarium. We went yesterday and it was awesome. We went to the Rainforest and the Dolphin Show and everyone got to go. We saw sharks too. THere were also frogs.

    That trip is important because we started working to go there in September when Mrs. Felderman said we couldn’t afford to go. WE PROVED HER WRONG! We raised money by selling soda, water, pizza, and popcorn. There was another class that made crafts.

    Keep listening! Ciao!

    100% Kids

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