100% Kids_Show #4

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7 Responses to “100% Kids_Show #4”

  1. Marianna Conroy Says:

    Another great show guys! I look forward to Mondays now because I get to hear your beautiful voices! Keep up the good work.

    Mrs. Conroy

  2. Pooja Gulati Says:

    Hi 100% Kids

    you all are really 100% kids. Your singing, jokes, teamwork, topics are superb. I want to congratulate u and Mrs. Felderman (Ms. Maggie) for so many great shows. I am looking forward for the next show already.

    All the best,
    Mrs. Gulati

  3. 100 % kids Says:

    Dear Mrs. Gulati,
    It makes us excited to hear you can’t wait to hear our shows. Thank you.
    100% Kids

  4. 100 % kids Says:

    Mrs. Conroy, we get excited for Monday morning also. We hope you like the next show!
    100% Kids

  5. Mrs. Felderman Says:

    Hi 100% kids,

    I love your friendship theme of this show. I think all of us need reminders of how important our friends are even if they move away. I also like how you talk about making new friends and why this is important as well. You are very lucky that you know so much about how to be a friend –that’s hard work! What’s very cool too is that you know that through our friendships we can also work with even more people to spread awareness and create changes. Think about all the people you are talking with around the world that are thinking about making changes too! WOW!

    Good luck on this week’s writing and recording.

  6. Miss Hachey Says:

    Dear 100% kids,
    You are doing such a nice job with your podcast. I enjoy listening to your show. I even shared it with my mom in Maine. She is a Kindergarten teacher who loved your podcast too! Keep up the good work. I am proud of you!

    Miss Hachey

  7. 100 % kids Says:

    Thank you for sharing our show with your mom Miss Hachey. We are so happy she likes it! We are getting listeners from other cities and other states and even other countries. It’s all very exciting.

    100% Kids

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