100% Kids_ Show #2

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  1. Ms. Muldoon's and Ms. Bernard's classes Says:

    What a great podcast! You all did a great job!
    The Jokey, Joke Jokes were very funny.

    You all had a good time with the singing of the song.

    We liked the segment in Spanish about the fundraiser for your trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. We hope you have a good time!

    What ideas do you have for your next podcast?

  2. Ms. Muldoon's and Ms. Bernard's classes Says:

    We loved it!

  3. Marianna Conroy Says:

    Another great show boys and girls! You guys are getting better and better each week. Loved the Jokey Joke Jokes and the singing! Can’t wait for next week…..

    Mrs. Conroy

  4. Mr. Caballero Says:

    Awesome job! I’ts better than the first one!

  5. Mrs Pat Johnson Says:

    Ms. Felderman’s students -
    I listened to both your podcasts today. They were very enjoyable and informative. I can tell you have improved - you must be practicing more before you record. That’s what I have to do as a storyteller — practice, practice, practice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas, songs, and poems.
    Pat Johnson

  6. Mr. Caballero Says:

    Hoy disfrute muchisimo del podcast pus ya nos llega en dos idiomas,quisas hay otros idiomas que los ninos de 100% kids hablan y nos pueden ensenar a decir hola,adios,buenos dias o algo parecido en otros idiomas.Gracias y que continuen con el trabajo maravilloso que estan haciendo.Luz Gomez

  7. Jayne DeLawter Says:

    Vivian sent me your url. I’ll bet it’s great to work with her and her husband.

    I listened to your March podcast today and tried to imagine if each of you are in the pictures at the top of the website. Are you?

    I’m glad that you want to change the world. It sounds like you’ve got a good start! Thanks especially for writing your songs and singing them. I love to sing; in fact, my car’s license plate says “YES SING”. I think if more people sang their own songs to each other, the world would be a better place. Do you think that would make a difference?

    You were really smart to broadcast in two languages. What a great way to change the world! I’m just beginning to learn Spanish, so I was excited when I could understand some of that part of the show. Thank you.

    I’ll be back to your website to see what you’re doing next. Three cheers for 100% Kids!


  8. Mrs. Felderman Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Another great week! I agree with many of the comments above about how you just get better and better with your sharing of ideas. I can’t wait for our class meeting today to figure out this week’s show.

    I am so proud of all of you.

    Congratulations again.

    Mrs. Felderman

  9. 100 % kids Says:

    Gracias Mrs. Gomez. Somos felices te gusta nuestro trabajo. Esperamos que escuchas otra vez.

  10. 100 % Kids Says:

    Dear Ms. DeLawter,

    Thank you for your compliments and comments. How do you know Vivian? We know Vivian because Mrs. Felderman is our teacher and she is friends with Vivian.

    We are all the kids in the banner. We need to add two new friends to the banner because two new students came. Also, Drake was left out by accident.

    We think songs can make a difference sometimes and sometimes they cannot. Some think it just won’t work. Some of us think that it would make everyone happy. It is just like talking so we can tell people stuff with songs. We need to think about that more. Thank you for helping us think about this.

    Talk to you soon,

    100% Kids

  11. Vivian of CLIP Podcast Says:

    Hello 100%Kids…wow you have gotten quite a few comments. It’s always exciting to know you have an audience interested in what you have to say isn’t it?

    Have you thought about your audio for show#3?

    I can’t wait to see you.


  12. 100 % kids Says:

    Thank you Dorothy. We decided to do some shows in Spanish also because there are a lot of the kids’ families in our class speak Spanish. It is only fair to have the show in English and Spanish don’t you think? We hope you keep listening Dorothy.

    Mrs. Conroy we are glad you like the jokes. We have fun practicing them and writing them. The jokes give our listeners a break from some of the serious stuff we talk about.

    Thank you for listening Ms. Muldoon’s and Ms. Bernard’s classes. If you have ideas for a show please tell us.

    Gracias Everyone.
    100% Kids

  13. Dorothy Watson Says:

    It was very interesting learning how you raised money to go to the zoo! Now I know all about making posters! You’re smart and hard working kids! Keep up the good work. It was fun hearing your stories in both English and Spanish. I laughed at all your jokes, and now, thanks to you, I have some new Knock Knock jokes!!
    Keep writing, joking, sharing and singing! Thanks for helping save the world.
    Dorothy Watson

  14. 100 % kids Says:

    Thank you Mrs. Johnson. We definitely practice before we record with Vivian. When we practice we try different voices and things like that.

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