100% Kids_Show #1

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12 Responses to “100% Kids_Show #1”

  1. 100 % kids Says:

    Congratulations on your first show!
    I can’t wait to work on #2.


  2. Carol Felderman Says:

    I am so proud of all you! The work for this show was hard since it was our first time ever trying to read and write and think about a podcast show. You are an amazing group!

    Tomorrow let’s get writing on next week’s show!

    Mrs. Felderman

  3. Marianna Conroy Says:

    Loved it! Great job boys and girls. Especially loved the singing! Can’t wait for next week’s show

    Mrs. Conroy

  4. Pooja Gulati Says:

    Excellent work boys and girls. Very good teamwork. I am already waiting for show#2.

    All the best
    Mrs. Gulati

  5. Ms Pardini Says:

    Wow! You are famous. I loved listening to you all. I have never listened to this kind of podcast before so thank you for teaching me about this. I am looking forward to your next show.
    Ms Pardini

  6. Mr. Caballero Says:

    Great job kids! You definitely have very interesting things to tell us. I will be on the look out for more. Keep up the great work!

  7. Ms. Trenholm Says:

    I loved your podcast! I enjoyed listening to you tell all about your class. It was very interesting. I liked that you included students who read in spanish. I can’t wait to hear the next show!

  8. Dr. Wendy C. Kasten Says:

    Dear Class,
    Wow, you are industrious kids. I really enjoyed watching my first podcast. I am glad that you are trying to change the world. The world needs lots of help. You must have a wonderful teacher to help you with such great work. I hope some kids in Ohio see this.
    Dr. W.C. Kasten
    Kent State University
    Kent, OH. 44242-0001

  9. Mrs. LOng Says:

    I love the singing! Also this made me think about animals locked up in cages at the zoo. I do not know if it is ok. You are making me think about this.

  10. Sarah Vander Zanden Says:

    Dear 100% Kids,
    I listened to your podcast, thank you. I think that you have some big ideas to talk about. I used to teach at your school and LOVE Bailey’s. I read you a story this year, but I am not sure if you remember or not. I know a lot of kids have moved in your class this year, so maybe they are listening and thinking about you all!
    My big questions is that I am wondering if your class has written a letter or emailed the zoo about the cages. Did you find out what a small cage is and what a big cage would be like? Is there space at the zoo for big cages? I want to know more about how you researched the zoo.

    I am very proud of you for including other languages beside just English. It is fun to hear kids on podcasts!

    Please keep sharing and showing your artwork, you are doing very important work.

    -Sarah (some of your cousins and brothers/sisters may know me as Mrs. Vander Zanden, I know for sure I had one of your brothers -M.R. in my class!)

  11. Steve Miner Says:

    Dear Podcast class,

    You all rock! It was great listening to all the cool things you had to say on your podcast.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Miner

  12. 100 % kids Says:

    Thank you very much for listening to our podcast! We were very happy to see that you enjoyed our show. You ask lots of good questions to help us think more about things like how animals are treated.

    We hope you keep listening.

    100% Kids

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